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lundi 17 août 2009

New dates for the next 3.1.1 RC2 et 2.4.3 final

Availability of 3.1.1 RC2 is expected on Tuesday evening, so we will have at least the week-end to test it again. For the new teams participating at the TCM Release Sanity Checks, you will have to run all these tests again on the same set (no new release is uploded on TCM), but don't forget to provide the URI of the new build on QATrack.

2.4.3 Final has been switched to the first of September, but need to be tested per language though.

RE meeting minutes are available on the wiki.

samedi 25 octobre 2008

Meeting with David Asher and Mozilla Messenger

On Wednesday, David came to my office and met several of us. The discussion was interesting between the roadmap, the future of Thunderbird and Lightning, the difficulties and hopes :-) I'm really impatient to see what will be Thunderbird 3.0.

I'm always interested by knowing how other projects are running, where does the localization and QA take place, etc. As for Firefox, Pascal is taking care of the sites localization. Pascal, you're doing a so great job, really congratulations! QA seems to be a bit short but it's true that it's a very small project.

vendredi 14 mars 2008

Last OOo moves

During the last weeks, OOo has done several important changes : it moves LGPL v3 and the JCA is now a SCA. Some thoughts about it.

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mardi 1 janvier 2008

Happy new year !

I wish you all an happy new year 2008 ! May this year brings you all what you hope or search for and a lot more :-)

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samedi 10 novembre 2007

An important announce about FOSS India made by Louis that I report here

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lundi 9 juillet 2007

Free Software meeting

Today I'm moving to Amiens where I'll attend the Free Software Meeting .

During the all week, we will have a OOo booth there and I'll make 2 talks, one about the advantage of extensions for small, medium companies, and another one about sharing our localization experiences through Floss group in French.

More to come during the week...

samedi 23 juin 2007

Tel Aviv Conferences

Just few words to thank Jonathan Ben Avraham and Nadine Cohen (and her family) for their warm welcome during my trip at Tel Aviv.

The Conference was very well organized and I really enjoy to meet all these people concerned by open source. Their problematic was instructive and I hope that my presentations has help a bit to better understand why OOo is a valuable and realstic alternative. I have also spoke on migration process and the difficult steps though this process. Tel Aviv is a beautiful city, my trip was short - only 3 days - but it was really great.

By the way the official site is here:

samedi 3 mars 2007

Outline Level

This is not easy to understand (at least for me :-) but interesting. A new outline level attribute will be introduce for paragraph.

This new attribut will range from 0 to 10, meaning that if a paragraph get the 0 value, it's body text. But if it get the 1 value, what will it be? a heading. This will have an impact on the status bar, the Navigator, the TOC and also on the Master Document creation. For more details and explanations, please read the specs or follow it on issue 70748.

dimanche 18 février 2007

File > Web page

Another functionnality discussed on the dev@list is a new option for the File menu : Web page.

From what I understand, it will open the current document in a browser to navigate like in a web page.
Liu Tao, the developer of this functionnality, has upload his specs on the wiki. You can see some screen shots of this option in this specifications.

File > Open

There is an intersting on going discussion about the File > Open option menu and some changes proposed by Alan Pulsifer.

This discussion takes place on the project discussion list and Alan has open a wiki page for the specifications.

The changes he proposed are

  • The default file type depends on the current application. For example, from Writer, File | Open by default displays only Text documents. The other types, including "All Files (*.*) can still be chosen from the File Type drop down list.
  • If an type group such as "Spreadsheets" is chosen, OOo will either open the file in Calc or will fail. It will not for example open a file as a Text document when Spreadsheets is selected.
  • When attempting to open files in an unsupported format, such as PDF, OOo will not try to open them as Text documents.

And I second these changes :-)

dimanche 11 février 2007

My favourite photo ;-)

This is the photo that I prefer from my OOo derivated work. Thanks a lot to Raphael Goetter for this !!!

samedi 10 février 2007

The Galaxy dimension

Do you know what is the Galaxy Style? This is all about colors, forms, perspective. If you have never seen it, have look at this page and you will understand!

Now you know what I mean, this design is smooth, just one very very small critic about the shape of the icons. I would prefer if they were a little bit less squared and rounded on their borders. Any way, great design. Jumping from there to the art project, I found very interesting the mockup for the 3.0 splashscreen. If you don't follow the list (I do on my spare time :-) look at the archives, a lot of interesting work is done on this list, great new ideas show up every morning!

vendredi 9 février 2007

Security is a matter

Following the article on the "Journal in Computer Virology", Malte and his team have worked on the overall concept of security in OOo. He has now published some enhancements on the wiki, and would like to have your feedback about it on the dev@list.

I found it great to have this transparency about security concerns in our project. Thanks all for your work on this.

An invitation :-)

Thomas Lange invite the lingucomponent members to rework the path settings for linguistic

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dimanche 4 février 2007

New blog in English

I have oppened an English category to my blog about OOo.

This category will try to summarize the news and facts I read on the several OOo lists (well I might be subscribed to about 150 of them...)

For example, our project was thinking to move its FAQ on the OOo wiki, when the same idea rised on the central documentation project for the International FAQ and finally the Italian project joined the conversation too. This is clearly an information that could help several NLC projects in maintaining this rich and usefull documentation. Well let's go back to read the thread about the users survey where I'm so late to give a hand.