First what is native language communities. As you have seen all along the different areas of contributions on the project, there is numerous places where the work goes in native language and where English is not needed at all to be able to participate.
The LibreOffice project has favored these communities by providing localized websites and mailing lists infrastructure. Each native language community can have dedicated working lists such as localization, quality assurance, documentation, etc. in their own language. The same goes for the wiki where each language can have his own area. This is good and great to allow to all to participate.

The possible drawback of this configuration is the lack of communication between the native language communities and the rest of the project. If you have read my other sessions, you might have seen that all the projects are intricated and need to interact on a daily basis. To avoid this drawback, we need to have people able to keep the communication flow in the two ways. If you can read English, then don't hesitate to report what is happening in the design side or the development side for instance. It will maintain the cohesion between these projects and the community and will help to give a better vision of what's going on.
If you are able to write in English (even not fluently), don't hesitate to give feedback on what's going on in your language community. Projects like Marketing will need to know what are your local actions or will have specific demands such as translating the new features page for the next release; projects like Design will need to have your feedback about their developments, may be you have documentations or medias in your language that don't exist in English and would be an add for the Documentation project and then for all the other language communities.

We have set a dedicated mailing list for this purpose, where each project can post information, requests for translation, but you can also post feedback or news about what your language community is achieving. Just subscribe to the projects <at> and the news will be propagated.

Are you ready? so just show up on the projects@ list and tell us!